Since 1946, the Apostolic Faith Bible College, including Faculty and Staff, have the unique distinction of being fully funded and supported by monetary gifts and freewill offerings from Alumni, family, and friends of the Apostolic Faith movement. Each student accepted by AFBC is required to pay a one hundred dollar ($100.00) registration/book fee (non-refundable) per school term. It is our goal to offer those who are "called according to His purpose" and desiring to increase their spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Bible, a place with minimal financial burdens. In order that we may continue offering a tuition free college, we prayerfully request that the AFBC, and students be financially supported, as much as possible, by their home church, family, and friends.


The mission of AFBC is to provide opportunities for individuals to develop academically and intellectually in a Christian educational program and to inspire these individuals in a Pentecostal environment to develop spiritually, emotionally, and culturally in order to serve God and their fellow man in their gifting and ministerial callings and their secular chosen careers.


The Apostolic Faith Bible College, throughout its history, has been dedicated to providing the best in higher spiritual education for its students. The College vision has always been to equip our students for a place of service in fulfilling God's "Great Commision" and calling for their lives. We reaffirm our vision through the following commitments:

To provide programs of study with high academic standards which will to the best of our abilities meet the Biblical education and spiritual needs of our student's.

To develop a faculty and staff who are Biblically and spiritually qualified in their profession, committed to the mission of the College and working with a sense of owvnership for the College.

To have campus facilities which support the best in teaching and facilitate higher learning.

To graduate alumni who assume places of spiritual leadership in fulfilling God's call for their lives.


  • Every person has dignity and worth.
  • Cherishing the grace that God the Father has granted us through Jesus Christ as well as the presence of the Holy Spirit among us, we seek to nurture our Pentecostal heritage.
  • We value the right to learn the complete available truth, to investigate freely, to think deeply and to exchange ideas in the spirit of professional responsibility.
  • We value excellence in teaching, research and support activities.
  • We value open and honest relations with the people we serve and with each other; we conduct our activities with integrity, and we fulfill our commitments.
  • We value personal commitment and contribution to the College, to each other, to the Church and to the community.


The vision of student development at the Apostolic Faith Bible College is that all students will be in the process of becoming mature and competent Spirit-empowered agents for the Kingdom of God in those areas of life (such as family, church, community and professional environments) where their AFBC education will afford them the opportunity to have significant influence.


All students will experience growth in the following dimensions of development emphasized at AFBC: spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and cultural. As a result of the positive environment of a Christian college, students will develop spiritually, gaining greater awareness of their significance in Christ and increasing in their commitment to serve Him. Socially students will grow in their relationships with others in the Christian community and in surrounding cultures. Individually they will mature in personal discipline and Christian character.

  • Strategies - 
  • Structuring meaningful student devotions and ministry opportunities
  • Mentoring student leaders
  • Providing living-learning (residential life) communities
  • Counseling students in personal growth and development
  • Cultivating appropriate social activities
  • Maintaining a secure, safe and healthy environment
  • Communicating with students, faculty, staff, administration and parents with regard to enhancing the campus climate.


As a result of implementing these objectives and strategies, the student body at AFBC will mature spiritually and socially, becoming increasingly capable of responsible Christian personal and group living. Students will become competent in leadership, caring enough to facilitate the growth of others. Alumni will reflect positively on their college experience, demonstrate continuing loyalty to the institution and positively influence the world through the power of the Holy Spirit, the example of their own Christian character and the excellence of their professional performance.