We are glad you have chosen AFBC for your continuing spiritual education and growth! We have a wonderful community of dedicated staff and students that are willing to help you as you grow in your walk with the Lord and knowledge of His Word.

Feel free to download, print, complete, and mail the application to us if you are interested in attending the Apostolic Faith Bible College at the start of the Fall Semester. You will also need to submit three evaluation forms that are available for download above: a Pastor Evaluation Form and two Personal Evaluation forms. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


AFBC applicants must submit the following items to the AFBC Administration for review and consideration of acceptance.

1. Current Photograph

2. Application for Admission Form

3. Pastor's Evaluation/Recommendation Form

4. Two Personal Evaluation/Recommendation Forms (non-family)

5. Health/Medical Information Form (included in application)

6. Copy of High School Diploma/Transcript or equivalent, i.e. GED

7. Criminal Record/Illegal Drugs Form (included in application)

8. Copy of AFBC Statement of Commitment (included in application)